5 Great Garage Door Designs

5 Great Garage Door Styles

When driving around the Austin looking at garage door designs one thing is clear. From house to house in various neighborhoods, garage doors designs vary. From contemporary designs and Spanish styles to ultra-modern looking doors, there is no shortage of door types to accent a home. Some styles have greater benefits compared to others. When […]

Garage Door Opener Facts

Garage Door Opener Installations Austin TX

Has your garage door opener been acting up? Do you hold your breath each time you use your garage door opener? Ever think this could be the last time it works? Did you know 7 out of 10 folks use their garage as an entrance to their home? Because so many people use their opener […]

Custom Garage Door Windows

Garage Door Windows

Thinking about installing custom garage door windows or implementing windows into your new door design? We hear Austin homeowners say they wish they’d done a custom design earlier after the new door is installed. A main reason for the statement is because adding windows and custom hardware accessories really make the home stand out. What […]

Modern Garage Door Choices

Modern Garage Doors Austin Texas

Need tips on choosing the right modern garage door design? Many times Austin Homeowners ask our company this question and the answers are many. Designs are available in a variety of materials including aluminum and glass, steel and wood. Designs of fiberglass, insulated steel, wood, and aluminum available. Finding the best garage door suited for […]

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