Garage Openers Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Repair

For garage openers Austin home owners and businesses have used Alliance Overhead Doors for years because of experience and work quality. Our company has same day installs and repairs for all residential and commercial makes and models of garage door openers. Our garage door technicians give quality service at affordable rates compared to other companies. When choosing a new garage door opener it’s make sure the unit is built to last. Furthermore with an opener that gets used daily it’s important to have an opener that remains repair free. If there’s a current issue with your opener and your garage is in the Austin, Round Rock and Cedar park area are service trucks are just a phone call away. We also do emergency repairs 24 hours a day.

With the latest technology it’s why not have an opener that is controlled from your smart-phone. In addition new units also use LED lights to cut energy costs. To find the best model (a/k/a motor) is best for you, first determine your family’s usage. Furthermore it’s best to ask yourself the following questions:

Garage Openers Austin TX

  • How many family members use the garage door?
  • How many times per day, total, does your garage door go up and down?
  • (Up and down = One Time.)
  • Based on the number of times per day, pick which model meets your needs

Garage Door Openers Austin, Cedar Park, Round Rock

Estate Series (Best)

Garage Openers Austin TX
A garage door opener for Austin, Round Rock and Cedar Park area homes needing an opener  working at least 10 times daily. Get 3650 uses a year or more because of the DC motor optimized for garage door usage.

  • Premium Motion-Detecting Control Panel
  • Two Designer Burled Walnut 3-Button Remote Controls
  • Optional EverCharge Battery Backup System DC Motor
  • Anti-Burglary Technology
Premium Series (Better)

A great model many of our clients in Cedar Park and Round Rock use for meeting the needs of a garage opener working up to 8 times per day (2920 Times a Year).  This is a popular opener because it has automated controls and security features perfect for family garages.

  • Premium Multi-Function Control Panel
  • One 3-Button Remote Control
  • Anti-Burglary Technology
Contractor Series (Good)

Built perfectly for homes in the Austin region that use their opener 5 times or less each day. With less usage there is  more reliability overtime getting 1825 operations each year.

  • Premium Multi-Function Control Panel
  • One Remote Control

An important note about installation:
For your added security and because programming the remote is important we walk you step by step setting up the remote as this will make sure you’re the only one with access to your garage and home.

Use caution when a technician from another garage door company programs your remote controls because they could set up an additional remote control to gain access too your home. With great reviews for servicing garage openers Austin, Cedar Park and Round Rock homeowners call us for repairs, sales and installs.

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