5 Great Garage Door Designs

5 Great Garage Door Styles

When driving around the Austin looking at garage door designs one thing is clear. From house to house in various neighborhoods, garage doors designs vary. From contemporary designs and Spanish styles to ultra-modern looking doors, there is no shortage of door types to accent a home. Some styles have greater benefits compared to others. When also factoring in types of materials used customizing the perfect door for your home is easy. From carriage house looks, country-style doors, aluminum, and metal doors there is a custom garage door design suited for every Austin area home.

5 Great Garage Door Designs for Austin Area Homes

  • Modern
  • Spanish
  • Aluminum
  • French Country
  • Carriage House


Modern Garage Door Designs

Modern Garage Door Designs Austin

Modern garage door styles have that look that’s sharp and clean and are also a great match for any newly built home. The latest modern garage door styles use glass, aluminum, steel and wood making them a favorite when upgrading and replacing an old door.

Spanish Style Garage Doors

Spanish Style Garage Austin

If looking to match up an existing Spanish home-style, a Spanish garage door adds a natural elegance, unlike many others. A warm look many times made of red cedar that varies in shades from light to dark browns, and amber hues.

Aluminum Garage Door

Aluminum Glass Garage Door Design

Light in weight an aluminum garage door cost less and is a popular choice for overhead garage doors. Additional options to these doors are glass panels that present a super ultra modern look especially when frameless.

French Country Style

French Country Weathered Wood Garage Door

Using beautiful weathered wood French country garage door designs also take inspiration from the great architecture of France. Many Austin homeowners like French style doors because of their details and classic look.

Carriage House Garage Doors

Carriage House Styled Overhead Garage Door Austin

Known with their openings, carriage style garage doors not only look vintage but have added functionality with the abilty to open and close via remote control. Very popular doors throughout Austin neiborhoods.



Garage Door Opener Facts

Garage Door Opener Installations Austin TX

Has your garage door opener been acting up? Do you hold your breath each time you use your garage door opener? Ever think this could be the last time it works? Did you know 7 out of 10 folks use their garage as an entrance to their home? Because so many people use their opener daily its best to have it replaced before you find yourself parking outside because of a malfunction. Residential home garages serve many purposes on a daily basis so keeping it operating properly is vital. Garage doors are big and heavy no doubt and the parts that keep it running smoothing over time break down due the years of heavy use.

Garage Door Opener Austin TX

  • Over 60% of homeowners use their garage door as an entry into their home
  • The garage is biggest moving part of a home
  • Mid priced and hi-end doors boost a homes value
  • A Garage door increase home security (when closed of course)
  • New intelligent garage door openers can be opened via smartphone

C.G. Johnson is the man who invented the overhead garage door, also created the first opener that operated automatically way back in mid 1920’s. Fast forward decades and decades later and now the automatic garage door opener is standard on most Austin area houses and garages. With advancements in remote control technology it’s easy to have a door that’s custom to needs of the homeowner. options of remote control operations and also receiving notifications that the door has been opened via email or text remote control are common. Facts are that garage doors have come a long way in a few years. When protecting entry to your home new doors have fingerprint and keypad activated garage door openers as well as other options that help protect all inside your home from an intruder entering.

Alliance Overhead Garage Door Opener Services Austin TX

Time to repair or got questions about replacing and installing a garage door or remote control? Our company services the entire Austin area. Reach out today to one of our experts to learn more about how we will help. Have us arrange a time to look at your door and give you a quote for replacement. Also available for annual garage door tune-ups, repairs and general troubleshooting.






Custom Garage Door Windows

Garage Door Windows

Thinking about installing custom garage door windows or implementing windows into your new door design? We hear Austin homeowners say they wish they’d done a custom design earlier after the new door is installed. A main reason for the statement is because adding windows and custom hardware accessories really make the home stand out. What was once a plain-looking door now sheds some light into the unique character of the house itself. And the good news is that it’s doesn’t need spending lots of extra cash.

Custom Garage Door Windows Austin TX

Custom Garage Door Windows Austin

Why do some Austin area homeowners prefer a garage door with windows? If putting a home on the market upgrading the garage door will make the home pop and add value. Many also like that they add natural light into the garage. Just remember to stay away from any glass that has a design in it. Clear pane windows will be best at letting the most light in and are less expensive. Folks also look to the garage door windows to bring together the look of the home. Garage doors are big so it’s no surprise they are one of the first things noticed when looking at a home. Because of this it’s vital to have your garage door windows match the current look of the windows of the home.

One tip when deciding a custom look for the garage door itself is to match the look of the main entry door to the home. This step is forgotten by lots of folks.

When it comes to the types of glass used in the garage door windows consider the different types. In a storm prone area that gets heavy winds and severe weather impact resistant windows are the best. These windows can take a block of wood hitting it at over a hundred miles an hour. without even a crack. If just upgrading the look of the door only regular glass will work fine. If looking to keep energy costs down then insulated windows are best for that. Although the insulated glass costs more but if you want to still have the same effect and spend less try tinting the windows. This also adds an extra layer of privacy.

Custom Garage Door Window Installations

Live in the Austin area and need more info on windows for your garage door. Call and speak with us today!

Modern Garage Door Choices

Modern Garage Doors Austin Texas

Need tips on choosing the right modern garage door design? Many times Austin Homeowners ask our company this question and the answers are many. Designs are available in a variety of materials including aluminum and glass, steel and wood. Designs of fiberglass, insulated steel, wood, and aluminum available. Finding the best garage door suited for your Austin area home with a variety of styles to choose from.

Picking The Best Modern Garage Door for Austin Homes

Insulated Steel Garage Door Austin TX

Insulated steel garage doors constructed with multiple layers of steel are popular with many Austin residential houses. These doors also come with either a faux wood finish or a natural stucco looking design. With the ability to add windows to these modern looking doors really increases light flow into the garage interior and highlight architectural parts of the home. Great for homes that use the garage as a work lay area.

Glass Panel Aluminum Frame Garage DoorRust proof aluminum garage door frames allow many types of windows with varying degrees of light flow. Solid panels made of aluminum in place of windows delivers complete privacy if desired. With multiple colors to choose from plus also customized colors this door this is a popular modern garage door. These doors breathe new life into a home.

Polyurethane Insulated Faux Wood Modern garage DoorPolyurethane insulated garage doors are great energy savers with options of being custom designed. Multiple wood species and modern designs are also available to choose from with choices being limitless. Customers that want to design their own look also get that personalized faux wood look for the most curb appeal. They are also warmer, quieter and stronger.

We know folks put lots of work to make their homes look their best. Many don’t think about the garage door though. Garage doors make up a vital part of your properties exterior look. Just one look around the neighborhood and one will see many types of garage doors. Why not make your stand out and look better than the rest?

Let us help plan your new door and work with you to also get the best garage door for your home. From sales services, installations replacements and repairs we’re here to lend a hand. We are experts at installing the right modern garage door for your Austin home.