3 Reasons Why Your Garage Door is Not Opening

Garage Door Repairman Installation Austin TX

At some point it will happen. Either when leaving or coming back home. Your garage door is not opening. There are many reasons why a garage door will not go back up or open at all and here are four reasons that could be why. Sometimes it’s an easy fix and other times the whole door needs to be replaced. If your door does need repairing it’s always best to contact a local professional.

3 Reasons Why Your Garage Door is Not Opening Austin Texas

 Reasons Your Garage Door is Not Opening or Closing?

Broken Springs

A broken garage spring is one of the most common reasons your garage door is not opening. Over time the tension springs of your garage door weaken. They don’t last forever. When this happens the spring breaks which then in return prevents the door from working correctly. Other factors like rust and lack of maintenance also helps lower the life-span of the springs.

garage door spring needs repairing

You know a tension spring is broke if:

  • The opener motor is running, but the door does not move.
  • All of a sudden a loud bang sound come from the garage..
  • When manually opening the garage the weight all of a sudden becomes heavy.
  • Odd sounds and noises come from the door as it opens and closes.

It’s a good idea to to check the springs often for any visual damage. Also, because garage doors are extremely heavy never to try and repair a broken spring on your own. This is very dangerous for an untrained person and only should be handled by a professional garage door technician.

Remote Control

Another possibility for your garage door is not opening properly is the remote control. Many garage doors use an auto door opener. This allows opening and closing via a wall mounted control panel or a wireless remote. Below are a few ways to check for a faulty opener.

garage opener remote for lifmaster

Remote batteries need to be checked especially if your door opens when using the wall mount control pad.

Check the garage door locking feature by looking for a light that flashes on the control panel. Lock can be turned off by holding down the lock button.

Garage Door Tracks

Over time the metal tracks can get bent or damaged which will lead to the door having alignment issues and hamper the door when opening and closing. Look for and bends or dents in the tracks that may be causing the door to malfunction. Listen for any grinding sounds coming from the metal tracks while the door is opening.

metal garage door track replacement

Garage Door is Not Opening? Alliance Overhead Door Austin Will Fixed or Replace Your Broken Garage Door. Our team of local Greater Austin garage door technicians are trained to repair and install both commercial and residential overhead doors and openers. Fast reliable, and affordable options to fix your garage door or opener problem. We offer  free estimates and provide 24 hour emergency repair services!

6 Great Garage Door Security Tips for Christmas Time

Garage Door Security Tips

During the holidays, garage door security is vital. If you are like many other Greater Austin homeowners with a garage, you know it gets extra usage during the Christmas season. Taking the additional steps to secure your garage like you would your home will help prevent burglaries. It does not matter if the garage is attached to your home or not. Secure it. 

home garage door security austin

Garage Door Security Tips for Christmas

Many homeowners use their garage for extra storage besides just a place to park the car. Stowing your bikes, tools, and other valuables are common. As a way to assist you with keeping your valuable items in your garage safe and secure, follow these five tips.

Keep Garage Opener Remote Out of Site

One of the most useful tips to defend your garage against a break-in is also one of the easiest. If you park outside, keep the garage door opener out of clear sight. It may be easy to have the opener on the sun visor, but doing so allows a possible burglar to see your opener and enter your garage.

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Keep The Garage Door Closed

This excellent garage door security tip is just as easy as the first one. Keep the door shut. It is that simple. Regardless if you are inside your home or not. If there is no reason for the door to be presently open, keep it closed.

Change the Code to the Opener

If your garage door uses an automatic opener with a wall keypad for entry exit via a code, change it often. A good tip if you use a cleaning service, pet sitter, or guest with code access and they’re no longer working or staying for you.

Check the Garage Door’s Condition Often

If your garage has windows, always make sure they are closed and locked. Also, keep an eye out for any gaps between the door and the ground. If someone wants to get in, these are likely spots used to break in.

Install Motion-activated Security Lights

One of the best garage door security tips is having motion-activated security lights mounted on top of your garage. Nothing keeps a thief away like bright lights!

Manual Garage Door Locks

If you plan on being away for Christmas, a manual slide lock is a good thing to have. A slide lock needs to be opened first from the inside. These are great anytime you know that your garage will remain closed for long periods.

Garage Door Service Austin

Been thinking about improving the garage door security of your home? Our local Greater Austin garage door technicians can help. We’ll inspect your current door and make recommendations on how to improve your current security set-up.

3 Great Garage Door Damage Prevention Tips

Many local Austin homeowners like to use the garage of their home as the primary entrance and exit, meaning it opens and closes multiple times each day. With being used so often, the chances of garage door damage increase. Many local businesses with a commercial overhead door also need their doors to operate correctly to keep their business open and safely secured.

If your an Austin business owner, property manager, or homeowner and something is amiss with your garage door, don’t wait to fix it. Even with the slightest garage door damage, never wait to have it repaired. Finding an issue in the early stage and repairing it will make sure you get the longest life-span from your door, opener, and parts. Putting the repair off to a later date or trying to fix the issue yourself can lead to the problem becoming worse and more expensive to fix.

Garage Door Damage Repair

Don’t let the garage door damage become a bigger problem than it is. The below tips will help make sure your door, the opener, and parts last as long as possible while also operating safely.

Do It Yourself Garage Door Damage Repairs

Many times a home or business owner can repair small garage door or opener problems. Issues like realigning and cleaning the photo eye or tightening up loose hardware can be DIY. Trying to fix a garage door on your own for larger problems can cause additional damage and also personal injury. Garage doors are heavy, and parts like springs and cables are under lots of pressure and tension. Trying to replace a spring or getting a garage door back in its track on your own is dangerous and should be left for a trained garage door repair professional.

Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Putting Off Regular Maintenance

Many businesses often forget the maintenance of their garage door, and it’s easy to understand, with so much going on. Having a regular maintenance plan in place helps keep your commercial door or garage opener operating safely and smoothly. Regularly inspecting the parts of your garage door will also help homeowners spot problems when they arise.

What happens when you don’t maintain or inspect your garage door? Nuts and bolts that hold together hinges and tracks may become loose. When left unnoticed, severe garage door damage may occur or even the possibility of someone getting hurt.

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Don’t let the maintenance of your garage door be a nightmare waiting to happen. If your a business or homeowner in the Greater Austin area and need help repairing your garage door, we’re here to help.


5 Great Garage Door Tune-Up Tips for Fall

Austin garage door maintenance tune up

We put together 5 great garage door tune-up tips that we think every Greater Austin homeowner should use. Every fall we get asked how to properly maintain a garage door In the fall season when temps start to drop. Besides pulling out the long sleeve shirts and sweater fall is also a good time to do check up on your garage to make sure it doesn’t become faulty during the winter months.

Like most folks and especially if your home has an attached garage, you use your garage on a daily basis. With all that use over time, it may not be easy to spot slight changes that can affect how your door opens and closes.  Visually checking the parts closely can help find out if your garage door needs a repair. So fall is a good time for Greater Austin homeowners to take a closer look at the door and opener to make sure everything is as it should be.

5 Garage Door Tune-Up Tips for Fall

Garage Door Tune-Up Austin Texas

  1. Often as time goes by the garage panels of your door may become bent or warped. This could be from a small accident like bumping into the garage with your car or kids playing in the driveway.

  2. Excessive wear and tear also can lead to other issues too. Inspect these parts and also remember to listen for any new loud creaks or sounds while the door goes up and down. hearing weird new sounds could mean there is a larger problem that needs a closer look.

    garage door parts austin texas

  3.  Roller, and hinges, and other moving garage door parts should be checked for proper lubrication. Also look to see if any cracking, chipping, or rusting is occurring. If so the worn part will need to be replaced.

  4. Does your home have an Insulated garage door?  These types of doors extend the life-span of your garage and its parts from colder weather conditions.

    Overhead Garage Door Sensor Inspection

  5. Make sure to clean the garage opener sensors and also realign if needed. Having your door open and close as it should and preventing accidents is vital so check that sensor! Plus who wants to get out of their car in the rain and fiddle with the garage if the sensors are not working correctly.

Fall Garage Door Service Austin

We hope these garage door tune-up tips keep your door opening and closing freely with no needs of repairs or adjustment all through fall. If you do need assistance with a faulty door or opener our company offers fast same-day services to all of Greater Austin.