Avoiding Common Garage Door Mistakes

Repair Garage Door Mistakes

Read about the most common garage door mistakes to help make the best choice before buying and installing. For a garage door to work properly using the best materials and parts is vital. Another thing to prolong the life of the door is to make sure it’s well maintained. By avoiding common mistakes also save time and money by hiring a professional to help.

Garage Door Mistakes Austin

How often do you inspect your garage door? Folks have busy lives to live and checking for issues doesn’t happen until something goes wrong. It is best to often look at parts like the springs, automatic opener, and frame. It is also a good idea to have a professional inspect the door twice a year. In some cases for older doors inspecting more often is good.


We know folks will fix some issues without the need for a garage door professional. Other times owners will take on a task that is far out of their skill level and ability just to save money. Don’t waste time and money trying to repair a garage door issue your uncertain off. Call a professional to lend a hand and cut any unneeded headaches.

Usage Mistakes

We all have been there when we’re in a hurry many times throwing caution to the wind. Mistakes happen. That weird squeaky sound happening with the door left unchecked will lead to a costly repair. If any odd sounds are occurring with your door contact a professional garage door technician to take a look at the issue.

Garage Door Mistakes

Has a mistake happened to your garage door? Is there a part or issue that also needs troubleshooting and repaired? Don’t wait until its time for a repair. Call Overhead Garage Door to speak with one of our friendly technicians to help.

5 Garage Door Replacement Benefits

New Garage Door Replacement

Here are 5 garage door replacement benefits for Austin area homeowners to consider before any repair or installation. Security, hi-tech features, insulation, looks, and material used all play a vital role when replacing old doors. If repairs in the past still have not fixed issues installing new doors are best. Like most things in life and on your home garage doors and their parts do not last forever.

Austin Garage Door Replacement Benefits

5 Garage Door Replacement Benefits For Austin Homes

  • Security benefits
  • New smart features
  • Insulated advantages
  • Material choices
  • Updated design and looks

Home Security

Just like a garage door for commercial businesses, garages on Austin area homes are an easy way to enter. One that does not lock is also a big security risk. To prevent a break-in doors most lock and be secure. For homes with automated openers consider the added risk of thieves using hi-tech devices that figure out codes to openers. New modern doors have many benefits including rolling code generators that send a new code with use.

Smart Hi-Tech Features

Smart hi-tech features like Wi-Fi and Blue Tooth also make it easy to fit a homeowner needs. Wirelessly allow access, get notified a door left open and video monitoring is now possible via phone apps.

Insulated Doors

For any type of weather insulated doors are a good idea. These doors are stronger, create less noise in the home and regulate temperature which is great for houses with an attached garages. A house with living spaces above, insulated doors also make a big difference in how sound travels.


The materials to choose from when installing a new garage door are plenty. Wood, wood composite, aluminum, steel, and vinyl are top choices. Wood has a beautiful look but requires more maintenance compared to a steel door. Fiberglass doors are able to copy any look which means options like simulated wood grain designs are available.

Modern Looks and Designs

What to give your home a new look? The many new designs out there will do the trick. Lots of Austin homeowners boost their residential home’s curb appeal with a carriage style, modern with windows, faux wood, or custom designed wood garage door.

5 Great Garage Door Designs

5 Great Garage Door Styles

When driving around the Austin looking at garage door designs one thing is clear. From house to house in various neighborhoods, garage doors designs vary. From contemporary designs and Spanish styles to ultra-modern looking doors, there is no shortage of door types to accent a home. Some styles have greater benefits compared to others. When also factoring in types of materials used customizing the perfect door for your home is easy. From carriage house looks, country-style doors, aluminum, and metal doors there is a custom garage door design suited for every Austin area home.

5 Great Garage Door Designs for Austin Area Homes

  • Modern
  • Spanish
  • Aluminum
  • French Country
  • Carriage House


Modern Garage Door Designs

Modern Garage Door Designs Austin

Modern garage door styles have that look that’s sharp and clean and are also a great match for any newly built home. The latest modern garage door styles use glass, aluminum, steel and wood making them a favorite when upgrading and replacing an old door.

Spanish Style Garage Doors

Spanish Style Garage Austin

If looking to match up an existing Spanish home-style, a Spanish garage door adds a natural elegance, unlike many others. A warm look many times made of red cedar that varies in shades from light to dark browns, and amber hues.

Aluminum Garage Door

Aluminum Glass Garage Door Design

Light in weight an aluminum garage door cost less and is a popular choice for overhead garage doors. Additional options to these doors are glass panels that present a super ultra modern look especially when frameless.

French Country Style

French Country Weathered Wood Garage Door

Using beautiful weathered wood French country garage door designs also take inspiration from the great architecture of France. Many Austin homeowners like French style doors because of their details and classic look.

Carriage House Garage Doors

Carriage House Styled Overhead Garage Door Austin

Known with their openings, carriage style garage doors not only look vintage but have added functionality with the abilty to open and close via remote control. Very popular doors throughout Austin neiborhoods.



Garage Door Opener Facts

Garage Door Opener Installations Austin TX

Has your garage door opener been acting up? Do you hold your breath each time you use your garage door opener? Ever think this could be the last time it works? Did you know 7 out of 10 folks use their garage as an entrance to their home? Because so many people use their opener daily its best to have it replaced before you find yourself parking outside because of a malfunction. Residential home garages serve many purposes on a daily basis so keeping it operating properly is vital. Garage doors are big and heavy no doubt and the parts that keep it running smoothing over time break down due the years of heavy use.

Garage Door Opener Austin TX

  • Over 60% of homeowners use their garage door as an entry into their home
  • The garage is biggest moving part of a home
  • Mid priced and hi-end doors boost a homes value
  • A Garage door increase home security (when closed of course)
  • New intelligent garage door openers can be opened via smartphone

C.G. Johnson is the man who invented the overhead garage door, also created the first opener that operated automatically way back in mid 1920’s. Fast forward decades and decades later and now the automatic garage door opener is standard on most Austin area houses and garages. With advancements in remote control technology it’s easy to have a door that’s custom to needs of the homeowner. options of remote control operations and also receiving notifications that the door has been opened via email or text remote control are common. Facts are that garage doors have come a long way in a few years. When protecting entry to your home new doors have fingerprint and keypad activated garage door openers as well as other options that help protect all inside your home from an intruder entering.

Alliance Overhead Garage Door Opener Services Austin TX

Time to repair or got questions about replacing and installing a garage door or remote control? Our company services the entire Austin area. Reach out today to one of our experts to learn more about how we will help. Have us arrange a time to look at your door and give you a quote for replacement. Also available for annual garage door tune-ups, repairs and general troubleshooting.