Metal Roll Up Door FAQs


Metal Roll Up Door FAQ’s


Choosing the best metal roll up door for your local Austin area commercial business.

What is heavy duty metal roll up door?

Heavy-duty roll-up doors provide superior protection against weather and vandalism compared to traditional open steel doors. The roll-up door is ideal for warehouses, office buildings and industrial facilities where theft risk is high. A heavy-duty roll-up door comes equipped with a locking mechanism, security bolts and security locks. The roll-up doors can withstand high wind speeds and extreme temperatures. They have a durable galvanized finish that provides long lasting durability.

  1. Why should we install heavy duty roll up door at our warehouse facility?

A warehouse facility often requires extra protection against theft due to its location, size and amount of inventory stored inside. The warehouse area is susceptible to break-ins and theft since they are located outside of the premises and are easily accessible. When thieves enter the building, it creates a lot of damage and damages the property. To avoid such situations, a heavy-duty metal roll door is installed to keep out intruders and secure the warehouse area.

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  1. Which type of heavy-duty roll-down door are best suited for warehouse facility?

Roll-up doors are primarily designed to protect against weather. However, some manufacturers offer heavy-duty models of roll-up doors that are capable of surviving severe environmental conditions and have higher breaking points. These heavy-duty roll-doors provide greater protection against vandalism and theft. A heavy-duty model is ideal for warehouses, industrial facilities, shopping malls, schools and offices.

  1. How do I know if my warehouse facility requires a heavy-duty roll up door?

Some factors that indicate whether a warehouse facility requires a heavy duty roll-door installation include: security concerns around the site; the amount of inventory being stored; the number of employees working at the site and the amount of traffic to and from the site.

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  1. How much does it cost to install heavy-duty roll up doors at my warehouse facility?

The cost of installing heavy-duty roll-door varies depending upon the size of the roll-up door and the features included. If you want a single heavy-duty roll-open door, it costs approximately $10,000-$15,000. If you go for two heavy-duty roll-ups, it would cost about $25,000-$35,000. If you need three heavy-duty roll-ups, it could cost $50,000 or more. So, it’s always advisable to hire professional companies who can help you choose the right type of roll-up doors for your facility.

  1. Is a  heavy-duty metal roll up door suitable for commercial use?

Yes. As mentioned earlier, heavy-duty metal roll up doors are suitable for both commercial and residential uses. These doors are manufactured in various sizes to cater to different applications. Most of these doors are custom made to suit the unique requirements of the user. The door is assembled using quality materials and components. Once complete, the heavy-duty roll-up  doors are tested to ensure their performance meets industry standards.

  1. How many years does a heavy-duty roll port door last for?

Heavy-duty roller-port doors are fabricated from strong structural materials, thus they stand the test of time. Depending on the material, they may last for 5 to 15 years.


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