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  •   This person on a service call from this company asked me to use the bathroom and I said yes took a "Shit"in my bathroom Why would someone do that ? I think that is terrible you do not
    Go to people's home and do that this company can never do another job for me. I am furious who does that

    thumb Chenita E.

      Called them because of the good yelp reviews and the fact their office was nearby.  Quick and affordable service.  Needed a new garage door opener installed because the old one's circuit board had died.   Charged me just the cost of the unit (no or a very small markup) + install fee.  Great deal and a nice guy.

    thumb Mitch H.
  •   It was a Sat. afternoon when my garage door's spring broke. I found Alliance and contacted them via yelp. They work on the weekend and was able to come fix the problem right the way without any up charge or "weekend fee". The tech shows up and replaced the spring (base on the current spring setting); after he replaced it.. he notice the door still seem heavier than it should. He realized the previous spring rating is not the right size for my door (that's why the old spring only lasted about 4-5 years by another vendor). Instead of telling me that they would have to charge me for extra in using a different spring and having to replace another spring.. he simply said, let me weight it and make sure I use the right spring and he immediately replaced the garage door spring with the higher rated version. At no point, he complaints nor ask for any additional fee. I only wish all business have the same ethic as Alliance Overhead door. I compared them with 4 other companies and their rate are very competitive.. and I paid exactly what it was quoted even tho they had to do the work twice!! Thank you once again!!

    thumb Ray C.

      Alliance replaced our springs 6 months ago. I called them out because our garage door was struggling with initially opening. After a quick visit, the diagnosis was the trim that I put on that was sticking to the door. Chris recognized that I would be willing to DIY, so he offered to give me a good deal on some proper trim and offered to deliver it to my driveway the next day. Problem solved and super convenient!

    thumb Adam A.
  •   Chris did a great job installing our garage door openers.  The price was fair. I highly recommend Alliance.

    thumb Bryan D.

      Same day, fast and completely professional installation.  I could see he was paying attention to detail on the installation and took the time to also do some maintenance on the door spring.  Friendly, fast and with competitive pricing.

    thumb L S.
  •   Alright, so I was in tight situation garage door spring in a seven old house broke out of the blue. It really sucked too, then I upgraded my home security system on top of it with all awesome tech gadgets. My realtor recommended me to contact Chris.

    Over the phone Chris was awesome to talk to and work with. He gave me a reasonable estimated price and unfortunately my setup for my garage wasn't the norm. But he did work with me and explained to me the springs he was replacing would last up to 25 years. I received a year warranty for parts and labor from his company. Chris was inspirational and helpful from the start until he arrived to my house and finished the job. Needless to say he is indeed a people person and man he likes to talk with you. Can you believe that?

    His service was prompt with no nonsense. Very straight forward guy in my opinion. I am considering switching out my 3rd bay garage door spring in the future. I see a big difference between the spring he installed and the ones that came with my home. The main door doesn't look like it's struggles to open with the garage door opener.

    Everything was reasonable and priced to anyone's budget.

    thumb Marcus R.

      Chris was fantastic! Quick to respond to my call and I was able to schedule an appointment for the following day. He arrived within time frame and he was able to replace, repair AND rewire our garage door quickly and efficiently. 5/5 would highly recommend!

    thumb Lindsey E.