Commercial Garage Door Installation Tips

A commercial garage door installation compared to installing a residential door, is much different. Just think about a big metal roll-up warehouse door when sized up to the garage door on your home. Always remember that these are heavy-duty doors and can cause harm if not installed by experts. With that said, for Austin area businesses looking to buy and have installed a new commercial garage door consider what you need first.

Steel Commercial Garage Door Installation Austin

Large Business Commercial Garage Door Installation

Steel sectional doors are best for larger businesses where doors get used a lot. Made of heavy-duty steel and built tough these doors last. For businesses looking to cut energy costs, these doors also save on heating and cooling. For severe weather locations, these doors also take a beating and require little upkeep. As a side note we do does install commercial garage doors that are 16, 18, and over 20ft tall.

Less heavy-duty doors are ones made of aluminum. These are great choices when opening and closing doors each day is not essential. The pros of these doors are that they look great and also are strong considering their lightweight construction. The cons are that they are not as durable as steel doors and are also more prone to damage over time.

fire rated steel garage door greater austin

Does Your Commercial Door Need to Resist Fire?

Businesses with hazardous materials or also flammable agents fire-resistant doors are the best. These resist high heat and give an extra level of safety to your facility. A commercial fire door also will meet building fire code requirements.

Insulated Commercial Garage Door

If your facility needs to keep heat regulated an R-value rated door does just that. The R-value is how much insulation it gives. The higher the value the more insulation these garage doors provide. Adding additional insulation is possible to further keep temps where you need them.

Contact us for Installing a New Commercial Overhead Door
With over 20 years of expertise, our garage door technicians will safely install your new door for you. If you have a heavy-duty steel door that also needs to be repaired we also provide round the clock emergency garage door services to Greater Austin.