3 Reasons Why Your Garage Door is Not Opening

At some point it will happen. Either when leaving or coming back home. Your garage door is not opening. There are many reasons why a garage door will not go back up or open at all and here are four reasons that could be why. Sometimes it’s an easy fix and other times the whole door needs to be replaced. If your door does need repairing it’s always best to contact a local professional.

3 Reasons Why Your Garage Door is Not Opening Austin Texas

 Reasons Your Garage Door is Not Opening or Closing?

Broken Springs

A broken garage spring is one of the most common reasons your garage door is not opening. Over time the tension springs of your garage door weaken. They don’t last forever. When this happens the spring breaks which then in return prevents the door from working correctly. Other factors like rust and lack of maintenance also helps lower the life-span of the springs.

garage door spring needs repairing

You know a tension spring is broke if:

  • The opener motor is running, but the door does not move.
  • All of a sudden a loud bang sound come from the garage..
  • When manually opening the garage the weight all of a sudden becomes heavy.
  • Odd sounds and noises come from the door as it opens and closes.

It’s a good idea to to check the springs often for any visual damage. Also, because garage doors are extremely heavy never to try and repair a broken spring on your own. This is very dangerous for an untrained person and only should be handled by a professional garage door technician.

Remote Control

Another possibility for your garage door is not opening properly is the remote control. Many garage doors use an auto door opener. This allows opening and closing via a wall mounted control panel or a wireless remote. Below are a few ways to check for a faulty opener.

garage opener remote for lifmaster

Remote batteries need to be checked especially if your door opens when using the wall mount control pad.

Check the garage door locking feature by looking for a light that flashes on the control panel. Lock can be turned off by holding down the lock button.

Garage Door Tracks

Over time the metal tracks can get bent or damaged which will lead to the door having alignment issues and hamper the door when opening and closing. Look for and bends or dents in the tracks that may be causing the door to malfunction. Listen for any grinding sounds coming from the metal tracks while the door is opening.

metal garage door track replacement

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