Garage Door Materials Rise in Prices

The pandemic has caused the prices of garage door materials to rise. One of the main reasons is because the materials are now in short supply and not just in Austin. Garage doors are necessary for many homeowners, and they are not cheap to install or replace. New garage door costs range anywhere from $500 to $2,000, depending on the size and style of the door.

garage door materials prices austin texas

Garage Door Materials Demand Pricing

It’s no secret that the supply chain and the materials used to make a garage door are in trouble, and it’s not just a problem for those of us in the Austin area. In some cases garage companies are gouging costs due to delays and backlogs, but not our company. Feel safe knowing that Alliance Overhead Door has a reliable and ample stock of new doors available, and at affordable costs that include installation.

Glass Garage Door Installation Austin

Reliable Garage Door Service in Austin for 25 Years

Our goal as a company will continue to provide the best and most reliable garage door repair and installation in Greater Austin. We have continued to do so by working diligently to improve planning and purchasing processes to continue offering affordable garage door services.

So you’re wondering what causes such an increase in delivery times, and it’s pretty simple. COVID19 has produced new protocols for supply and manufacturing companies worldwide; These protocols required temporary shutdowns and many staff layoffs. Although production is at a standstill, thousands of orders pour in. With operations suspended and orders rising, it was only a short time before significant delays became an issue.

As the risk of exposure continues to grow, so does the number of employees required to self-quarantine. Whether hadling the garage door materials take substantial steps to keep their employees safe, a ripple effect has occurred, often wiping out entire departments. As manufacturers improve their processes to minimize delays, the pandemic results in other industries are already being felt.

Custom Wood Garage Doors Texas

With garage door materials finally being manufactured, the doors often have to sit for weeks in a warehouse waiting to be shipped due to a shortage in the shipping industry. It will lead to more delays. It’s not too bad, though. With an increase in the number of workers spending more time at home than ever before, there has been a significant rise in the home improvement industry with increased demand for home improvement products. While good for the industry, it’s not suitable for timelines. With demand outstripping supply, garage door companies are aggressively looking for door products with good delivery times that customers agree on.

Garage Door for Room Addition

Today with everything else with this pandemic, future timelines are unpredictable regarding the availability of various types of garage door materials. However, everyone is doing their best to reduce the effects of these increasingly challenging times.

Garage Door Company Greater Austin TX

Alliance Overhead Door is ready to help with any new door purchase or repair.  Proudly serving Austin and surrounding cities with professional commercial and residential overhead door services.

Important Garage Door Repair Industry News

Carriage House Doors Austin

It’s no surprise that the supply chain crisis because of Covid-19 has affected the garage door repair industry, caused long delays, and has driven prices up. Since the beginning of the pandemic, many folks have started investing in home improvements. Even with part prices going up and getting supplies is slow, our company still offers affordable repair prices and repair parts in stock.

Austin Garage Door Repair Industry

Overhead Garage Door Repair Industry

Many industries are involved in manufacturing garage doors made of aluminum, glass, and wood. With the pandemic slowing or suspending businesses, delays are inevitable. Also, steel and wood garage door prices have gone up too. For Austin area homeowners that need new garage door cables or springs because theirs are old or broken, feel safe knowing we have a supply of replacements.

Alliance Overhead Door Services Greater Austin

  • Commercial and residential garage door repair
  • Business and home overhead garage door installs
  • Garage opener and operator sales, installs and repair
  • Torsion spring and cable replacement
  • Automatic gate opener services
  • Annual garage door maintenance for property managers

Garage Door Parts Austin TX

Contact us today for an affordable garage door repair or installation service in the Austin, TX area. If you are looking to repair and install new garage door or opener for a commercial or residential property our company is here to assist you with  all makes and models of garage doors and openers. Alliance has been in the garage door repair industry for over 23 years serving Austin and surrounding cities.

Garage Door Company Greater Austin TX

Our family owned company specializes in all services serving the Greater Austin area. We handle both commercial and residential garage door needs. This ranges from repair and installation to part replacements and maintenance. Our highly reviewed team  of experts are trained in every aspect of the process from door hardware to installation procedures to wiring arrangements.  Our mission has always been to make sure ur customers have an excellent experience working with us.

5 Most Sought After Garage Door Styles

5 popular garage door styles Austin Texas

5 Popular Austin Garage Door Styles

Commercial and residential garage door styles have become vital to property owners in Greater Austin with real estate on the rise. We’ve seen first-hand the additional investing garage doors are getting with remodeling projects.

Garage Door Styles Austin Texas

The first step is choosing from the many garage door styles that fits best with your Austin home or business. For Austin homeowners replacing the garage door is making more sense lately. Did you know recent reports show that 75% of the garage door replacement costs is recouped when selling a home? Getting a new door makes even more sense if the current one is decades old.

The top 5 requested styles of garage doors from our customers.

    • Steel Garage Doors (Residential)
    • Aluminum Frame Glass Doors (Commercial Residential)
    • Custom Wood Styled Garage Doors (Residential)
    • Carriage Style Garage Doors (Residential)
    • Panel Garage Doors (Residential, Commercial)

Aluminum Glass Garage Doors – These doors let the light in but still give plenty of privacy and security. Customers comment on the the stylish and sleek look these doors have.

aluminum frame glass garage door

Carriage Style Garage Doors
Carriage-house garage door styles go way back in time to the days of the carriage house. This is where horse-drawn carriages were kept safe from the weather, just like your garage today. Originally hand made from wood, but today available in various materials.

Carriage Style Garage door


Custom Wood Garage Door Styles – Wood garage doors come in many types of high quality wood including meranti, cedar, and hemlock. Custom wood doors are great for providing detailed designs to compliment the architecture of a home. All over Austin we have seen a boost in more customers getting a custom wood garage door for their home.

custom wood garage door styles


Panel Style Garage Doors – Panel garage doors come in many styles whether it be short or long raised panels, flush panels, textured and untextured panels and also panels with windows.  If damaged, garage door repair is easy because single panels can be quickly replaced.  
panel style garage door

Steel Garage Doors
These doors are great for homeowners needing a durable and also nice looking door. There’s many various styles, designs and colors to choose from as well. steel garage door wood looking

Garage Door Installation Greater Austin

As a garage door company in Austin that’s been around for nearly 25 years we’ve done many garage door installations and have seen styles come and go. If you live near Austin and need help with choosing the right door on your home we can help. Our technicians will assist you picking picking the best door to match your hoe and budget.