Hiring a Garage Door Repair Company Best 5 things to Check

Need information on hiring a garage door repair company? It’s more than likely that you use your garage door many times daily. It’s also a  fact that nearly 3/4 of all homeowners use their garage as a main entry point to go in-and-out of their home. 

Not only is it an inconvenience when your garage door breaks and no longer goes up-and-down as it should, but also creates security and safety issues. Having your door repaired or installing a new replacement door is a big project for many people. This is why it’s vital to hire the best garage door repair company.

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Hiring a Garage Door Repair Company

Below are the 5 top things to  look for before calling to get your  garage door repaired or a new replacement door installed.

1. Verify garage door company information.

Make sure you’re dealing with a legitimate company before hiring a garage door repair company that also can provide references and also has positive garage door service reviews online. If you can speak with the owner of the garage door company even better. Also be aware that there are fraudulent businesses out there that misrepresent and at times pretend to be company they have no association with.

2. How has the garage door repair company been in business?

Before hiring a garage door repair company first ask how long their company has been in business. This is vital because it also lets you know what type of experience the company has. Many companies have the same technicians that have been working for decades and have worked with all types of makes and models of garage doors and openers.

3. Garage Door Repair and Replacement Costs

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How much does it cost to repair a garage door? Do I need a replacement door?

Before hiring a garage door repair company to fix a broken door or opener get a estimate first.  Any honest and high reviewed garage door company that’s been will be able to provide you an estimate for parts and labor.  If you’re replacing your garage door a professional company will also assist you in the exact design look and material you need that’s best for your home.

4.  Guarantees and warranties

When having your garage door fixed or installing a new door, always make sure to get the warranty information.  It’s best to protect your investment and the garage door is a big part of your overall homes value.

5.  Replacement garage doors and parts availability

When scheduling a new door replacement auto repair find sir find out how long it takes to complete the project. Some repairs like replacing garage door Springs only take a short amount of time period other larger pro Jack’s like installing a new garage door on your home can take up to 3 and a 1/2 to 4 hours depending on the size of the garage door.

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Our local Austin garage door company has been in business for more than 25 years and has professional garage door technicians that repair and install all Makes and models of doors and openers.  We also provide free estimates on the phone for residential garage door projects.  In addition to fixing garage doors for homes we also handle heavy duty commercial overhead door peojects and emergency 24/7 garage door repairs.

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