Garage Door Repair Experts Stop Injuries

Garage doors are a vital part of a home. The garage is a safe place to keep your car, work on projects, and use it for storing items. With so much use, keeping your garage door and opener in good condition is a must. With that said, accidents and equipment malfunctions can bring about times where the door no longer opens and closes. At this point, instead of trying to figure out what is wrong and DIY call garage door repair experts that have the proper experience first. Although some folks may go the do it yourself route and for those that do before you start making changes consider safety.

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Garage Door Repair Experts Know Safety

Professionally trained garage door technicians for doors and openers. We install safely, and also correctly. Your garage door is big, heavy, and bulky with lots of moving parts and can cause injury if trying to repair without proper training.

Again we understand people these days love to do home repairs on their own if possible. Just google or search youtube for garage door repair DIY, and you get tons of info and videos. With the increase of info online, more folks getting injured while making repairs have also increased. Each year more than 10,000 people get injured while working on a project that involves fixing a garage door. 

Garage Spring Replacement Injuries

Injuries happen when regular homeowners try to replace garage springs on their own. Tightly wound springs release lots of energy when they break. If this happens while someone is trying to replace a spring without proper training, you could get hurt. Garage door sensors installed incorrectly also present safety issues. Many injuries from garage doors are when doors close onto a person underneath, which is a common faulty sensor issue. 

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Local Austin Garage Door and Opener Repair Experts

Need help with your garage door or opener? Protect your family and investment. It’s always best to reach out to garage door service professionals for assistance. Greater Austin licensed garage door services from Alliance Overhead Door. Our company does door and opener repairs and installations to affordable garage door spring replacement.