3 Great Garage Door Damage Prevention Tips

Many local Austin homeowners like to use the garage of their home as the primary entrance and exit, meaning it opens and closes multiple times each day. With being used so often, the chances of garage door damage increase. Many local businesses with a commercial overhead door also need their doors to operate correctly to keep their business open and safely secured.

If your an Austin business owner, property manager, or homeowner and something is amiss with your garage door, don’t wait to fix it. Even with the slightest garage door damage, never wait to have it repaired. Finding an issue in the early stage and repairing it will make sure you get the longest life-span from your door, opener, and parts. Putting the repair off to a later date or trying to fix the issue yourself can lead to the problem becoming worse and more expensive to fix.

Garage Door Damage Repair

Don’t let the garage door damage become a bigger problem than it is. The below tips will help make sure your door, the opener, and parts last as long as possible while also operating safely.

Do It Yourself Garage Door Damage Repairs

Many times a home or business owner can repair small garage door or opener problems. Issues like realigning and cleaning the photo eye or tightening up loose hardware can be DIY. Trying to fix a garage door on your own for larger problems can cause additional damage and also personal injury. Garage doors are heavy, and parts like springs and cables are under lots of pressure and tension. Trying to replace a spring or getting a garage door back in its track on your own is dangerous and should be left for a trained garage door repair professional.

Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Putting Off Regular Maintenance

Many businesses often forget the maintenance of their garage door, and it’s easy to understand, with so much going on. Having a regular maintenance plan in place helps keep your commercial door or garage opener operating safely and smoothly. Regularly inspecting the parts of your garage door will also help homeowners spot problems when they arise.

What happens when you don’t maintain or inspect your garage door? Nuts and bolts that hold together hinges and tracks may become loose. When left unnoticed, severe garage door damage may occur or even the possibility of someone getting hurt.

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Don’t let the maintenance of your garage door be a nightmare waiting to happen. If your a business or homeowner in the Greater Austin area and need help repairing your garage door, we’re here to help.